Unseen Unknown ….?

Our farmers depend on us as much as we depend on them. We’re looking at being closed for about 8-weeks, which means 8-weeks of missed orders for our farmers and vendors.

We order 120 chickens and 350 dozen eggs a week from Norm at Carlson’s Farm. Although we can’t make you our best selling Pig in the Garden scramble with Norm’s girls’ eggs, his girls keep laying eggs. And even though the Chicken Dance sandwich isn’t being enjoyed, those chickens are still being raised and readied. The Rocksteady pulled Pork Sandwich isn’t being prepared, but Dave at Young Earth Farms is still raising the 4 pigs we’d get each month.

Some meats, produce, and ingredients were able to be redirected to other local food kitchens in Kalamazoo, but not all. And like most families, we are working with our farmers, as always, to support them in return, in whatever way we’re able.

We are impatiently waiting to get back in our kitchen and bakery to prepare fresh artisan bread and dishes full of local meat, eggs, and produce. In the interim, we are keeping connected with our farmers at the Bank Street Farmers Market (Tues 8a-1p, Thurs. 3-7p, Sat. 7-2p) in Kalamazoo, or many are also at the Portage Market (Sun, 10-2p), too.