The Northern Old Fashioned

I have a friend who was born in Menominee, MI, that showed up to a tailgate one weekend with a thermos full of a recipe from her youth. It was an Old Fashioned recipe that comes from the Upper Peninsula in our fair state; Kessler Whiskey, Jero Old Fashioned Mix, Sprite, and a pickled mushroom. She explained to us that any bar back home had an Old Fashioned, which could be ordered sweet or sour. The sweet was made with Sprite, and the sour was made with a soda such as Squirt or the like, and they were served with a pickled mushroom.

The drink she provided drank more like a long drink, with an abundance of Sprite, as opposed to the style of Old Fashioned we make behind the bar now. I felt that the addition of too many bubbles (dowsing a drink with Sprite), would wash out the whiskey too much. But I did want to pay tribute to her hometown memories, so we are offering a Kessler Whiskey Old Fashioned, with just a touch of sugar and Angostura Bitters, and of course, with a pickled mushroom. – Kevin