New Family

The shock has worn off (mostly) and the surreal has become real. As a team, our resilience and adaptability are being tested daily. While the strength of our systems and our family are reinforced.

Brian, from CSM, is leading the rebuild and keeping everyone updated and on target. Julie and Patti are paragons before their time, together at these weekly meetings, pushing and ensuring Food Dance’s needs are met.

Hadaway Restoration has been working tirelessly to filter, clean and restore FD to our pre-fire condition. Josh and his team have become the extended family we didn’t know we had, and more importantly the extended family we now know we couldn’t live without. Their expertise and experience are evident as they lead us through this process. Our families have even merged, as Hadaway has generously offered temporary employment to some of our staff to help clean and get us back doing what we do best; serving you great food.

Our shelves and coolers sit empty. That’s a foreign site at Food Dance and even more, it’s a foreign feeling. Each time we walk through the dining room with no tables, past a cooler with no cheese (October is cheese month which makes this extra sad), and the shelves with no ingredients we’re reminded of the unique opportunity we normally have to bring our community together through thoughtfully sourced, handmade food.