Vegetarian | Gluten Free Gluten-Free Ingredients

    • Kids Morning Favorites

      served until 11 am

    • Kid's Cakes


      3 small buttermilk or whole grain pancakes served with real maple syrup. 
      add Callebaut chocolate chips and/or banana slices $1

    • Billy Goat's Oats


      is a smaller version of our homemade oats with raisins, bananas choice of milk with soft & sweet brioche toast - with P.B. or cinnamon sugar.

    • Monster Crunch 
Food Dance Granola


      with raisins, bananas and choice 
of milk or organic yogurt. $2.5
      with soft & sweet brioche toast –
 with P.B. or cinnamon sugar. $5

    • Kids Breakfast

    • Egg Sandwich


      scrambled egg with cheddar on grilled brioche 
with home fries.

    • Little Chick


      One egg any way you like it with home fries and soft & sweet brioche toast – with P.B. or cinnamon sugar.
      add a piece of bacon or chicken apple sausage $1.5

    • Kids Lunch/Dinner

    • Hokey Pokey


      House roasted Otto’s turkey breast, or ham, cheddar cheese, grapes 
or bananas with a slice of bread.

    • PB & J


      Made with Koeze all natural peanut butter and housemade jam on soft brioche.

    • House Greens Salad


      Seasonal fresh greens with tomato, cucumber, carrot ribbons and croutons.
      add chicken $5

    • Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich


      Kid's size sandwich with Carlson's chicken breast, lemon zest mayo, celery, scallions and toasted almonds on brioche with tomato and lettuce, served with french fries.

    • Tuna Salad Sandwich


      Kid's size sandwich, water-packed Albacore tuna salad prepared in the traditional way with Hellman's mayo, scallions, lettuce and tomato on sourdough bread, served with french fries.

    • Grilled Cheese Sandwich


      On grilled brioche, soft and cheezy with french fries.

    • Chicken Tenders


      Battered and fried, served with french fries.

    • Flatbread


      With red sauce and cheese (pizza incognito).

    • Mac & Cheese


      Made with all white cheddar cheese, Italian pasta and a little cream.

    • Pint Size Burger


      Quarter pound on housemade brioche bun served with french fries. • add lettuce and tomato - it's healthy and it's on us!
      add cheese $1