March Meat Month – a little March Madness

March Meat Madness
We love meat! It’s something to share and savor, and here in the midwest, we feel pretty comfortable stating we are in the majority on this one. From the winter stews, roasts and braises to the summer grilled chops, steaks, burgers or ribs the traditional midwest plate is anchored by meat.
Of course, not all meats are equal in flavor, quality or impact. Here at Food Dance the sourcing and rearing of an animal are important, so we only serve meats from sustainably sourced and humanely raised animals. What does that mean? To us, that means animals raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones, and animals raised with room to be, well, animals and not in confinement conditions. We could argue the social and environmental ills of using antibiotics, hormones and confinement and that would be enough to convince many. However, food is more primal than that. Eating is about flavor, and you will never mistake it for a pork chop from a humanely raised animal. You would be able to see the difference in the rosy pink, marbling from one of Young Earth Farm’s heritage pigs. Then your taste buds will certainly convince you.
Join us for special classes, menu features, and Market butcher’s special cuts.