Family at Food Dance

None of us are actually related, but we’re all family. That’s a common workplace sentiment. At Food Dance, we are fortunate enough to include our guests, farmers, and vendors as family, too. And like any crisis, the whole family is affected. Some more acutely than others.

Our staff is amazing. Have been and we have no doubt will continue to be. Immediately following the fire many staff were reaching out asking how they could help, what could they do, were we okay. They began the painful process of clearing out all of the coolers, shelves, containers, and crates of ingredients and food that had been affected by the smoke and fire suppression.


Our guests are equally amazing. Reaching out with support and encouragement, too. Coming to the parking lot offering comfort in the moment, emailing, calling, and commenting on social media. We have felt the continuous love of the community. And yes, we know that love is for us and our mac-n-cheese, the mojitos, the Chicken Dance, and there was even one message of concern for the pancakes. We’ll all be back ASAP.