Raise Your Glass

Restaurant Week Summer Cocktail: Creation. Competition. Community Cocktail creation is a fine balance of art, science, and inspiration… and an assignment our bartenders enjoy. When they were tasked with creating 2 cocktails for Downtown Kalamazoo Restaurant Week at the end of last month they were excited to get their mixing and muddling wheels turning. The […]

March Meat Month – a little March Madness

March Meat Madness We love meat! It’s something to share and savor, and here in the midwest, we feel pretty comfortable stating we are in the majority on this one. From the winter stews, roasts and braises to the summer grilled chops, steaks, burgers or ribs the traditional midwest plate is anchored by meat. Of […]

Adding spirit to our spirits…

Those of us behind the bar are fascinated by what goes on in the Food Dance kitchen. We love to observe and ask questions of our talented back of house team, and as we greatly respect both classic and innovative culinary techniques, we keep in mind the chemistry and balance essential to cooking when crafting […]

Raise a glass to Michigan varietals.

According to the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council, Michigan wine production has doubled over the last decade and its wines are attracting ever-increasing attention. The Council mentions that last year alone, 500 national awards were bestowed upon Michigan bottles and the public is paying attention: The scenic beauty of this state’s 120 wineries and […]