Unseen Unknown ….?

Our farmers depend on us as much as we depend on them. We’re looking at being closed for about 8-weeks, which means 8-weeks of missed orders for our farmers and vendors. We order 120 chickens and 350 dozen eggs a week from Norm at Carlson’s Farm. Although we can’t make you our best selling Pig […]

Family – our secret ingredient

Our farmers and vendors are our secret ingredient and perhaps feel the most “unknown” impact of an event like this. They’re amazing, too. Reaching out and offering the support and understanding as worked through canceled ordered, invoices paid and navigated the needs while we’re closed. We’ve spent years building relationships with our farmers. Many have […]

Family at Food Dance

None of us are actually related, but we’re all family. That’s a common workplace sentiment. At Food Dance, we are fortunate enough to include our guests, farmers, and vendors as family, too. And like any crisis, the whole family is affected. Some more acutely than others. Our staff is amazing. Have been and we have […]

New Family

The shock has worn off (mostly) and the surreal has become real. As a team, our resilience and adaptability are being tested daily. While the strength of our systems and our family are reinforced. Brian, from CSM, is leading the rebuild and keeping everyone updated and on target. Julie and Patti are paragons before their […]