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Food Dance Market

Come in and check out our NEW Market

Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 8am-9pm

Sunday 8am-3pm

Our goal is to share with you the quality ingredients we source from our family of purveyors. 

We are very excited to offer sustainable, humanely raised meats such as housemade sausages, cured meats, fresh ground beef, beef cuts, pork cuts and more (our very own little butcher shop)...  our breads and savory baked goods, along with the same great pastries from our talented bakers. In addition we are offering more of our prized ingredients: olive oil, Anson Mill's polenta, vinegars, condiments, fresh ground spices and pastas. 

American Artisan Cheese

October is American Cheese Month, a time to celebrate where your cheese comes from, the farms, the farmers, the cheesemakers, the cheesemongers, the retailers and the places that serve this delicious and diverse cheese. All month long we will have fondue kits ready to make at home, easy pick 3 cheese boards and our first "Curd Counter" cheese lovers reward card. 

American Cheese Month

American Cheese Month, artisan cheeses, fondue, cheese lover's card, cheese boards.

The Meat Case
Every morning our butcher fills the case with house cured meats and the freshest cuts.

Food Dance Butcher's Case, meat case.

"Saturday night my wife and I had dinner in the restaurant. On our way out we stopped and purchased 4 lamb chops that I grilled on Sunday. I just wanted to tell you that they were wonderful and we will certainly be back down for a matter of fact I wish I had more right now as they were that good!...Thanks"

Meet our Butcher
Mike "Maus" Wegrzyn

Former pastry chef, Michael Wegrzyn’s interest in whole animal butchery and charcuterie, began while working as Sous Chef at Haven Gastropub in Orange, California and continued as Chef de Cuisine at Haven Gastropub and Brewery in Pasadena, California. Upon returning home to Kalamazoo, he took the position of House Butcher working with fellow Butcher's Guild member & Executive chef Robb Hammond. Working with chef Robb, he has helped to develop our old world style charcuterie program. Together, they create a variety of fresh and fermented sausages, bacon, and cured pork products. These items, along with fresh cuts from our whole animal butchering program are available in our Market.

Featured Farms in our Meat Case and Freezer

Carlson Farms-Naturally Norms - Lawton, MI

In the meat case: chicken breast, whole chicken & fresh eggs in the cooler, lamb-chops & roasts

"Located in Southwest Michigan, Naturally Norm's on Carlson Farms is an all natural cattle, pork, and poultry operation. Carlson Farms is owned and run by family. In fact, we like to think of the entire farm as a family: the angus-hereford cows and calves, the happy hogs, the gossipy ol' laying hens, the various critters adopted into the Carlson household, and even the little tree frog in our backyard! They are all "Carlsons". It's a name we take great pride in and a name we hope you grow to know and trust."

Young Earth Farms - Decatur, MI

In our meat case: pork of all cuts-chops, shoulder, roasts.

"Over the past 40 years we have noticed that the small family farms that once were (to many of us) part of everyday life, are all but extinct. As the factory farms began taking over, we have seen the use of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, etc. become standard practice in the production of our food. We have also noticed that the flavor and juiciness of the meat we buy, just isn't the same as it used to be. At Young Earth Farm, none of our animals are in confinement buildings. The hogs root and roll on the ground, the chickens are on fresh pasture, and the cattle have a field and woods to roam in. None of our feeds contain antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products. We also use the old "heritage breeds" in our hogs, which not only are bred for flavor and meat quality, but are better adapted for both hot summers, and cold winters."

-Dave Warkentien, owner of Young Earth Farm

B & G Farms - 
Scotts, MI

in our meat case: beef-Dry Aged-NY strip, tenderloin, ribeye, sirloin, ground chuck & roasts

Also in our Meat Case

House-made and House-cured

Chicken Liver Pate
Shrimp & Salmon Terrine
Lamb merguez
All Beef Hot dogs
Housemade sausages: breakfast, chicken apple & more

Sliced to Order

House Roasted Turkey Breast
Nueske's Ham & Bacon
La Querica Proscuitto
Molinari Finocchiona Salami


Featured Items:

Please come in to see us! We apologize, online purchases are not available at this time. 

  • Featured Creamery

    Featured Creamery

    Evergreen Lane Farm and Creamery in Fennville

    The Evergreen Lane farm is a 40 acres property owned by Tom and Cathy Halinski. On the farm, they raise La Mancha goats and organic apples and for over 6 years Evergreen Lane have been hand crafting cheese in their creamery. Along with partner Windshadow Farm & Dairy in Bangor, they produce "delightful" goat cheeses during the milking season (March through November). Their cheeses are available in our Market and in our restaurant.  Evergreen Lane Creamery, Fennville, MI


    We also offer a few dozen cut-to-order artisan cheeses that vary. You'll find styles from bloomy rinds to semi-soft, tangy blues to fresh cheeses and amazing cheddars. They come from across the country such as the west coast’s Cypress Grove Chevre in Arcata, CA and as close as Mattawan Artisan Creamery in Mattawan, MI. We also have an assortment of cheese tools that will help in preserving, storing and serving your cheese while maintaining its quality.

    Just to name a few creameries:

    Cypress Grove Cheese, CA

    Swiss Valley Farms, WI

    Zingerman's Creamery, Ann Arbor, MI

    • Sweet Grass, GA

    Point Reyes Cheese, CA

  • Food Dance Bread

    Food Dance Bread

    Food Dance American Artisan Breads Every loaf is made by hand in our own bakery.

    Making great bread isn’t an easy task, so it’s a good thing that’s not why we do it! Why did we want to make our own bread? Because we are so passionately committed to making traditional artisan foods right here at Food Dance. 

    What goes into a loaf? Time, love and great ingredients. Beyond the love and care of our bakers... It’s very looooooong rising time (18-24 hours) to allow the great flavor and a great crumb to develop. Combine that with naturally fermented sourdough starters, some yeast in the Brioche and 4-Grain, unbleached spring patent flour, whole wheat berries, whole oats, local potatoes, free range eggs, fresh Wisconsin Grassland unsalted butter, Michigan honey, toasted caraway seeds, fresh rosemary, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil and you’re rewarded with a great loaf!

    We are excited to share our new breads with you, and we plan to keep introducing new breads. Just give us some time... and please let us know what you think! $5.99-$6.99 

    We offer:


    4 Grain


    Potato Rosemary 

    Available on the weekends: Rye & Cinnamon Brioche

  • Wooden Tools from local craftman Paul Rutgers

    Wooden Tools from local craftman Paul Rutgers

    From $5.00-$50.00

    Beautiful, handcrafted kitchen utensils, tools and gadgets made locally from Michigan sourced hardwoods.

    Read more about Paul and his trade here.

  • Babycakes



    4" serves 2-4 people
    This months flavors:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter
    chocolate buttermilk layers filled with dark chocolate ganache, frosted in koeze peanut butter frosting  

    Vanilla Raspberry
    moist vanilla chiffon layers, filled with raspberry puree and vanilla pastry cream. Frosted in creamy vanilla buttercream.  

  • Grocer's Daughter Chocolates

    Grocer's Daughter Chocolates

    From $2.75-7.50

    Delicious bars, puddles and pops infused with local flavors. Inspired by the food, nature and soul of Northern Michigan 

  • Cherri's Chocal'art Salted Caramels

    Made in Delton, Michigan. Cherri's salted caramels are sweet, soft and salty. Available in regular Salted Caramel and Habanero Salted Caramel.

    From $1.80-7.50

  • B. toffee

    B. toffee

    From $4.99-28.99

    Best Toffee EVER! The provocative manipulation of savory butters, fine domestic sugars, premium Guittard and Callebaut chocolates topped with superior quality pecans defines B. toffee... simply the best. 


  • Cupcakes!


    Featuring real butter, farm eggs, Madagascan vanilla, Belgian chocolate, real sour cream, fresh fruit, Koeze peanut butter and great skill. 

    Birthdays, Graduation, Showers and any other event you want to make special. These are knock-your-socks-off, honest to goodness desserts — with the perfect icing to cake ratio. We have dozens of options available.

    Customize cupcakes special for you with most any color frosting, sprinkle or sugar to match your theme. Also we have holiday themes, celebration themes including peas in a pod, Robin's eggs in a nest, spring flowers and buttercream roses. Show off with a 2, 3 and 4 tiered tower. Flavors are ordered by the dozen and ordered 48 hours in advance.

    To place an order give us a call & ask for catering 269-382-1888.

  • Food Dance Organic Coffee

    Food Dance Organic Coffee


    Food Dance's fair trade dark roast coffee blend, roasted by Waterstreet Coffee Joint


    Our house blend has a light, creamy body with a smooth, bittersweet flavor and an almost imperceptible acidity. A blend of Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic beans from South and Central America, it is surprisingly mild for a dark roast.


    Our decaffeinated coffee is medium-bodied with a mild acidity and roasty, bittersweet flavor. If you love dark coffee but could do without the caffeine, this brew is for you; but don't be afraid to serve it to friends who prefer a lighter roast- the surprising smoothness of this brew gives it a universal appeal.

  • Jeni's Ice Creams

    Jeni's Ice Creams


    We are thrilled to offer such great ice creams exclusively in this area.

    Jeni Britton Bauer became inspired to make artisan ice creams while working at a French patisserie. Drawing on the practices of a traditional pastry kitchen, Jeni created her own techniques to make American ice creams that are less sweet and more flavorful. Each batch of Jeni's ice creams is carefully tended to; each flavor artfully achieved with fresh ingredients found in the Ohio countryside as well as responsibly-raised exotics from around the world. All of Jeni's ice creams, sauces, pralines and marshmallows are handcrafted in Jeni's production kitchen in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Two Leaves and a Bud

    Two Leaves and a Bud


    The NEW official tea of Food Dance!

    Two Leaves and a Bud Premium teas use top quality, whole-leaf, traditionally grown and harvested single origin teas and then use pyramid shaped organdie sachets. The sachets allow the whole leaves to float freely throughout the bag so that the full tea flavor is easily extracted. Each sachet gives you a full mug instead of the usual cup. Relax and enjoy a cup of truly wonderful tea.

  • Jeni's Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Jeni's Ice Cream Sandwiches


    Introducing Jeni's Ice Cream Sandwiches!!

    What could be more exciting. Jeni's most popular ice cream flavors between 2 homemade cookies. Four delicious combinations to choose from. The challenge will be making your choice!

  • Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

    Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

    Monique's Pasta Sauces  $6.99
    -Made in Ann Arbor
    Now, Monique is introducing 4 absolutely amazing sauces made with the same love and care that has put Al Dente™ Pasta on the map. Monique's™ Sumptuous Sauces taste just like homemade!

    Rustichella d' Abruzzo  $8.99
    -Authentic Italian Pasta
    Found deep in the green Vestine hills, takes its origins from the old pasta factory, Gaetano Sergiacomo. Founded in Penne in 1924, it wanted to conserve the tradition of homemade production, focusing on special and regional shapes to go beyond the boundaries of Abruzzo.

  • Cookbooks


    We selected many of our favorites for the cook or foodie in your life.

    Savory, sweet and everything in between.

    Cover prices starting at $12.95.

  • Grab and Go –

    Our deli case is stocked daily with featured items, so they change daily. 

    Tuna Salad

    Lemon Almond Chicken Salad

    Spinach Pie

    Peanut Noodle Salad

    Mac and Cheese

    Olive Tapenade

    Zingerman's Pimento Cheese Spread

    2 year old Vermont cheddar, piquillo pimentos and a kick of cayenne.  Try it on our own Herb Crackers or house-baked sourdough bread.

    Herbed Farm Cheese

    The cheese you know and love from our popular Tuscan Tapenade sandwich.  Fresh farm cheese with dill, parsley, chives and garlic.  Great on sandwiches, crackers, or on a spoon straight from the container.

  • On Our Shelves –

    Michigan Made Pickled Asparagus
    Yep, the same stuff we garnish our bloody mary's with. And it's from Paw Paw, MI.

    Jack & Jill Brown's Maple Syrup & Honey
    From Paw Paw, MI. We have pure maple syrup for your pancakes (or ice cream, yes, we know it's delicious), maple sugar, maple candies as well as their honey in those nostalgic bear bottles.

    Clancy's Fancy-Hot Sauce
    Whether you can handle the hot or prefer the mild, this hot sauce from Ann Arbor will enhance... anything you fancy!

    Wee Bee Jammin'
    Made in Manistee, MI and featuring Michigan fruits and honey in perfect harmony. We have more than a dozen jam flavors to choose from, or their beautiful creamed honey. Toast never had it so good!

  • In Our Freezer –

    Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams & Ice Cream Sandwiches
    Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, this is ice cream to scream for!
    Using real ingredients, often sourced from the midwest, Jeni's has created flavors from the traditional to the eyebrow raising to the 'why didn't I think of that combo' Flavors change with the season so stop in and see what we have today.

    Carlson Farm's 
    Pastured chicken breast, bone-in.

    Otto's Chicken Breast
    Boneless skinless chicken breast. If you missed out at the Farmer's Market or didn't want to stand in line... you'll find the same great local chicken in our Market.


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