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Carlson Farms


Norm Carlson, of Carlson Farms, and his wife deliver eggs and pastured chickens to us each week from their farm outside of Decatur, Michigan. Their farm is just like the Norman Rockwell pictures of the 50’s, clean, rolling hills, woods and lots of open pasture. Norms chickens are pastured chickens. “Pastured” means just that — the chickens run around on the farm in the fresh air pecking there way across the fields, eating and doing what comes naturally to chickens. Those grubs they come by have lots of beta-carotene that gives the yolks and their fat a beautiful rich golden hue, with great taste and healthy benefits. Pastured chickens are also so busy exercising, their meat becomes naturally dark from the increased blood flow which also yields a more old fashion chicken flavor. You might compare it to the difference between a garden fresh tomato and a hothouse tomato. Both have good flavor but the one grown in the earth, with nature’s elements, will taste more “tomatoey”. Pasture raised chicken has a slightly firmer meat texture (not tough) and is never mushy. In addition to eating as they please Norm gives them certified organic feed just to make sure they’re happy.


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