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Our Bakery

We love to bake! Bread, cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, scones, muffins - we love it all.

The Food Dance Market stocks freshly made baked goods daily, including small versions of some of our restaurant desserts, like our signature Cat’s Meow or Key Lime Tart. For beautiful handmade special occasion cakes, call us 48 hours ahead at 382-1888 and we’ll get started baking for you. Need suggestions? We can help with that too.



NEW - Parmesan Olive Bread

This savory bread elevates any sandwich… And is an instant appetizer, if you can bring yourself to share. Dress it up for company with a smattering of butter, or a pool of olive oil to dip it in.

The FD bakers, chefs and Julie took their time developing this new savory bread. It starts with a base of whole wheat flour and our Food Dance Sourdough to add that local flavor ou’d expect. Inside the Parmesan Olive bread’s crisp crust, taste the savory Kalamata olives, the sweetness of the SarVecchio (a parmesan, from Wisconsin), bright lemon zest and herbs. Making this bread irresistible!

Available Wednesdays in the Food Dance Market.

Food Dance American Artisan Bread

Every loaf is made by hand in our own bakery. We are excited to share breads with you, and we plan to keep introducing new breads.

Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Rye, Brioche, 4 Grain, Ciabatta, Potato Rosemary & Baguettes.

Making great bread isn’t an easy task, so it’s a good thing that’s not why we do it! Why did we want to make our own bread? Because we are so passionately committed to making traditional artisan foods right here at Food Dance, and frankly we were a bit tired of the drive across the state to Ann Arbor. Besides, our bakers just LOVE to bake! With so much passion to be found under our own roof, we decided to push forward and try our hand at making bread. What goes into a loaf? Time, love and great ingredients. Well beyond the love and care of our bakers... It’s very looooooong rising time (18-24 hours) to allow the great flavor and a great crumb to develop. Combine that with naturally fermented sourdough starters, some yeast in the Brioche, 4 Grain and Ciabatta, unbleached spring patent flour, whole wheat berries, whole oats, local potatoes, free range eggs, fresh Wisconsin Grassland unsalted butter, Michigan honey, toasted caraway seeds, fresh rosemary, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil and you’re rewarded with a great loaf! 


Cakes & Cupcakes

Featuring real butter, farm eggs, Madagascar vanilla, Belgium chocolate, real sour cream, fresh fruit, Koeze peanut butter and great skill.Birthdays, Graduation, Showers and any other event you want to make special. These are knock-your-socks-off, honest to goodness desserts — with the perfect icing to cake ratio. We have dozens of options available. 

Our Cakes are available in 6" Mama Cake, 6-8 servings, $24 or 9" Papa Cake, 12-16 servings, $38. 

Get a beautiful 4" baby cake, perfect for 2-4 servings, ready to go in the Market. Call us to see which two flavors we're featuring this month. $14.95 each

Customize cupcakes special for you with most any color frosting, sprinkles or colored sugar to match your theme. Also we have holiday themes, celebration themes including "Peas in a Pod", "Robin's Eggs in a Nest", spring flowers and buttercream roses. Show off with a 2, 3 and 4 tiered tower. Flavors are ordered by the dozen and ordered 48 hours in advance. Please call or stop by the Market for more details. 269-382-1888.

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Rich & creamy. We think ours is the best around! 6" cheesecake serves 4-6 $24

Pies & Tarts

Our 10-inch size serves 6-8, $24
Key Lime Tart
Pumpkin Pie 
Classic Apple Streusel Pie

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To order, call the Market 269-382-1888 • Please allow 48 hours advance notice for us to prepare your order.


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